UK weather: Ice and freezing fog to blast Britain as temperatures plunge after snow

Motorists can expect more “tricky” conditions as the heavy snowfall that caused disruption in parts of northern England and Scotland gives way to ice and freezing fog.

The Met Office said temperatures could drop as low as -10C overnight in areas that have seen “lying snow.”

Various yellow warnings have been put in place across most of the UK for snow and ice which will last throughout Friday and until 9pm on Saturday across much of Scotland and the north of England.

Patches of freezing fog are expected across large areas of the country bringing a widespread frost and temperatures hovering around freezing, the Met added.

Moving into Friday, temperatures in the Greater London area are expected to drop to 1C and parts of the South East could fall to an icy -2C.

It comes after “hazardous” conditions on Thursday caused problems for ambulance services in the North, while some vulnerable Brits were being advised to consider rescheduling coronavirus vaccinations.

Referring to today, BBC forecaster Ben Rich said: “We have the potential for ice, especially across parts of Scotland, northern England, into the Midlands, East Anglia, the south east – do take care out there if you do have to make an essential journey.

“And there’ll be some quite dense fog patches around as well. Some of the fog, very slow to clear, it could linger all day for some sheltered glens of Scotland, parts of north east England, into the East Midlands.

“If that happens, temperatures will barely get above freezing and even where we see some sunshine…it is going to be a chilly day.”

Met Office forecaster John Griffiths, meanwhile, dismissed any link to the widely reported ‘Beast from the East 2’, saying the current conditions are “normal” for the winter weather cycle.

UK 5 day weather forecast
A mostly dry day but areas of freezing fog and low cloud will be slow to clear, and may persist for some places, especially parts of eastern England. Elsewhere some sunshine but chilly nonetheless after a frost in places.

Starting dry and frosty, with fog patches possible in the east. Strong winds and rain reaching western areas by midnight, perhaps turning to snow in places as it pushes east.

Rain, sleet and snow in some eastern areas for a time, giving a cover of snow in places. Brighter weather following from west, with scattered showers in west and northwest.

Outlook for Sunday to Tuesday:
Dry with sunny spells for most, showers and rain for the northwest. Rain arriving Tuesday for all but the far north. Cold north, mild in the south. Generally breezy.