Brit, 65, dies in Spanish house fire as blaze breaks out ‘while he was asleep’

A British man has died in house fire in a village in the south of Spain.

Firefighters found his body after putting out the blaze at the property in Comares, an hour’s drive north-east of Malaga.

The fire completely destroyed the wooden house he lived in, burning it to the ground and causing the roof to collapse.

Mayor Manuel Robles described the man as “much-loved” in the local community.

Police have launched a routine investigation following the fire.

At this stage nothing has indicated there were any suspicious circumstances, the force has said.

The British man was living in a wooden house he built on land after purchasing it several years ago.

He is thought to have been asleep when the blaze started at around 9pm on Wednesday.

A spokesman for a regional government-run emergency services co-ordinator confirmed: “A man has died after a blaze in a wooden house in the municipality of Comares.

“Firefighters, civil guard and local police were among the emergency services mobilised after the alarm was raised.

“Fire crews found the body of a 65-year-old man inside the property.

“The house was burnt to the ground and the flames led to the roof collapsing.”

Police sources confirmed the dead man was British and a routine investigation was underway into the incident.